It was not too long back that the phrase 'digital age' was something one only read in magazines. Not anymore. The digital revolution has transformed the way we live and work today. And this is only the beginning. LUCKY CABLE NETWORK is ushering in the benefits of new technologies into India. For the Cable TV viewer that means many more choices, much more control and unmatched quality. Viewers across the country can now enjoy their favorite programmers in stereophonic sound and crystal clear images. The reasonable price of the equipment only adds to the attraction. More than 300 channels are on offer to begin with. They cover the entire spectrum of television and radio programming including entertainment, news, sports, movies and more. Interactive On-Screen Programming Guides mean that program listings, advance information, reminders and parental control are all available at your fingertips. In the foreseeable future, one can expect the television to come out of its existing avatar as a passive medium and enter the exciting new world of electronic commerce and business. The technologies for this already exist today and when complete convergence is achieved, LUCKY CABLE NETWORK will be at the forefront of the revolution.